speedART power-box for Macan Turbo


speedART power box for Macan Turbo: 480 hp und 680 nm!

Please check out the dyno test video.

Hier geht's zum Video


speedART SP91-R 470: based on Porsche 991 Carrera S, 2. Generation


NEW: speedART tuning-program for the 2. generation (facelift-model) of Porsche 991 Carrera/S with 3,0l Turbo engine:

- Power-Boxes: + 50 hp / + 90 nm

- Sport exhaust systems

- 21"/20" wheels - typ SP9-SPORT (different designs)

- Sport suspension

- Exklusive interieur

- and many more


Infos of 991 speedART tuning program: info@speedART.de


speedART tuning-program for Boxster/S 718

NEW: speedART tuning-program for Porsche Boxster and Boxster S typ 718:

 -        20“ and 21“ wheels

-         Active-sound system for a very sportive sond for the new 4-zyl. turbo engines

-         Power-boxes for more hp & nm

-         Areo-kits

-         Sport suspensions

-         Exclusive interieur

-         and many more

For more details, please send an email to: info@speedART.de






speedART power for 991 Carrera S Facelift


News for Porsche 991 Carrera S with 3,0l Turbo-engine (Facelift):

speedART power-box + 50 hp / + 90 nm and sport exhaust system with valves and sport cats = power kit with 485 hp!


Infos: info@speedART.de




speedART SP81-R on sale


speedART SP81-R based on Porsche Boxster S typ 981 on sale.


For more details please press mobile.de button (right above on this website) or send an email to:



Auto-Bild Sportcars speedART Sound Video

speedART SP-390M based on Porsche Macan S with active-sound system in german Auto Bild Spotscars video chanel.NEW: very sportive and invidividual engine sound for petrol / gazoline Porsche Macan, Cayenne and Panamera now availiable

Here you'll get to the Video


ON SALE: speedART SP9-300


ON SALE: speedART PS9-300 based on Porsche Panamera (ex-showcar Automobil Salon Geneva 2011)

Exclusive speedART conversions with these special options:

- speedART 22" wheelset
- speedART aero-kit with many carbon parts
- speedART sport exhaust
- speedART interieur with yellow stichings, gauges, sport steering wheel and many more
- air suspension
- navigation / PCM
- sport chrono plus
- perfect condition incl. all services
- only 28.000 Km

More infos on mobile.de - please click Mobile.de-button on top right

speedART SP-450M

Tuning-Programm for Porsche Macan Turbo:

- power-Kit 450 hp / 680 nm

- aerodynamic-Kit with front spoiler, rear diffusor, roof top spoiler, airintake-frames and headlight-cover

- sport-exhaust/muffler (optional with the active-sound system)

- 22" ASW-wheels with 295/30 ZR22"

- sport-lowering suspension

- exclusive interieur

- carbon parts and many more

Info to the speedART tuning-Program for all Macan: info@speedART.de



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