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Bodyprogram for
Porsche 996 Carrera

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speedART Turbo-Look II

body kit Turbo-Look II for

996 Carrera (convertible)

with speedART- front

bumper with additional air

intakes, side skirts, Turbo-

look-rear bumper and

SAR-rear spoiler

SAR rear spoiler

SAR rear spoiler for fitting on the

original Carrera engine hood.

speedART Turbo-Look-front-spoiler

for all Porsche 996 Carrera

Turbo-Look I with 19" Krone Racing

wheelset and headlight-covers.

speedART modifications are availiable

for all Porsche 996 Carrera from 1997

up to model 2004.

You have questions to the body program?

Then simply send us an E-Mail with our Contactform.

  997 Facelift for all 996

997 Look for all 996 Carrera, C4S

and Turbo/GT2 models.

speedART Turbo Look III

Turbo Look III front bumper with

integrated front chin spoiler and

air outlet.

Turbo-Look I front bumper for

all Porsche 996 Carrera with large


Turbo-Look III Frontbumper with integrated

front chin spoiler. For all 996

Carrera with facelift (mod. ´02),

C4S and Turbo.

speedART Turbo-Look II Frontbumper

for all Porsche 996 ( up to Mod '02 )

with improved aerodynamics and

cooling / ventilation with side skirts

and SAR-rear spoiler.

speedART-Turbo-Look I

speedART-Turbo-Look I

and SAR-rear spoiler

Original carbon or carbon

-look mirror boxes

speedART rear mirrors with

integrated blinkers for all

Boxster and 996