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Program . Aerodynamic . Porsche 997 Carrera . 
Body program and aerodynamic for Porsche 997 Carrera/4/S. All models incl. convertible and 4WD

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SRS 420: aerodynamic for 997 Carrera/S facelift

New speedART body kit for all 997 Carrera/4/S facelift models up from 2009:




speedART BTR-XL in matt black

speedART aero kit BTR-XL with front bumper incl. front chin spoiler, side skirts and rear spoiler with wing blade for all 997 Carrera/S 2+4.

speedART aero kit BTR-XL

Aerodynamic kit typ "BTR-XL" with front bumper with Turbo blinkers and front chin spoiler, side skitrs and SRS-rear spoiler for all 997 Carrera/S/2/4.

speedART SRS-body kit for 997 Carrera/S 4

Aerokit with SRS rear spoiler, side skirts and front chin spoiler with sport suspension and 20" wheels.

speedART SRS body kit for 997 Carrera/S

- front chin spoiler

- side skirts

- rear spoiler with additional air intakes

- 20" wheels RSC II Elegance Black Chrome

- power kit with sport muffler and 2x90 mm twin tail pipes

speedART SRS body kit for 997 Carrera/S 2

Aerokit with SRS rear spoiler, side skirts and front chin spoiler in combination with modular 19" wheels typ Cross Racing typ Gun Metal and sport suspension with power kit (386 hp with sport exhaust system).

speedART SAR-Aerokit

Body kit with 2-pieces front chin spoiler and SAR rear spoiler. Also availiable in combination with side skirts.

speedART BTR 500

New body kit typ BTR AERO. Rear spoiler with big wing, rear diffuser, side skirts, CS front bumper with additional front chin spoiler.

speedART SRS Aero

speedART SRS modification for Porsche 997 with rear spoiler, side skirts, front bumper, 19" RSC II Elegance wheels, adjustable sport suspension and power kit II with 386 hp.

Gullwing doors for Porsche 997

speedART offers gullwing style doors for the Porsche 997 Carrera for a fantastic design! A very easy solution for all situations, dosen´t take much space for entering the car. For an absolute show effect!

Side skirts for Porsche 997

speedART side skirts for all Porsche 997 Carrera/S

speedART SAR front chin spoiler

speedART 2-pieces SAR-front chin spoiler for all 997 Carrera. Sportive design with more downforce and adjustable flaps for better brake cooling.

speedART SAR- and SRS-rear spoiler for 997 Carrera and Carrera S



SAR-rear spoiler for a sportive design and a better handling with more downforce for all 997 Carrera and Carrera S.


SRS-rear spoiler with additional Naca air intakes. More engine power because of cooler air which will be put through the airbox (integrated in SRS spoiler under the grill) under high pressure directly in the air filter.


speedART CS front bumper for all 997 Carrera

New designed speedART CS front bumper with a very sportive look and better aerodynamic for 997 Carrera and 997 Carrera S.













New: with additional front chin spoiler.

Carbon hood for 997

Original carbon hoods for all 997 for a very exclusive design and for weight reduction - not only for racing.

Carbon mirror boxes

Race design with original carbon or carbon-look mirror boxes in diffrent colors

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